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Just a few interesting things :)


^ favorite part about Blanket Octopus is that they wield weapons, how cool is that? Not just weapons, but whips, made out of Man o' War tentacles, one of the most poisonous and deadly things in the ocean and they just use them like whips on other creatures. Insane.


Lovely Cube family~! I missed a few of you somewhere along the way in the whole adding and following and blah blah So if I did, I love you still~! I'm just awful at getting on my computer heheh


I'm not done with Christmas... I'll catch up with you all soon! Promise. I've been so busy~ But bear with me Cube family and friends~!

I also promise not to give you a tree with lingerie on.


So this is a thing.


You should look because maybe you can help me decide how to feel about it.


Ah this is beautiful :)